Co-chaired by Dr. Jose M Miro, Jose R Arribas and Esteban Ribera

Interventional and strategic studies addressed to optimize the utilization of ART, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoeconomy, resistance and tropism


WP1 contains research projects mainly focusing on: 1) selected aspects in ART naive patients (advanced patients, lipid profile as end point and proof of concept of a new integrase inhibitor); 2) simplification and switching studies including testing of monotherapy, bitherapy, nucleoside sparing regimens, single tablet regimens and intermittent therapy, and 3) identifying the predictor of high cost and developing a complexity score to compare the yearly cost of ART among hospitals after adjusting for complexity. All these studies are expected to translate in first quartile journal publications, in being mentioned in the most reputed international guidelines, and the complexity score being used by the financing bodies to adjust the costs among hospitals. Particularly, several of the simplification and switching studies performed in Spain have been milestones in the field and highly referenced and adopted in international guidelines.

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