Co-chaired by Drs. Felipe Garcia and Roger Paredes.

Interventional studies of safety and proof of concept of drugs for intensification, eradication and immunogens for potential therapeutic or preventive vaccine candidates.


WP3 contains research projects focusing on intensification, different modalities and approaches potentially leading to HIV eradication and on safety and immunogenicity of potential therapeutic and preventive vaccine candidates, developed in the P3 research program (HIV immune-pathogenesis, immunotherapy and development of vaccines candidates). Intensification and eliminating the potential residual replication is a necessary condition to pursue the hope of eradication. Mobilizing the reservoirs with or without CTL stimulation with a therapeutic vaccine is the way to proceed forwards, in the field of HIV eradication. Finally, the RIS has obtained the best results ever in humans with a therapeutic vaccine (based on monocyte derived dendritic cells primed ex-vivo with heat inactivated autologous virus) and also has his own viral vector (MVA-B) produced in GMP conditions and proved to be safe and immunogenic, in healthy volunteers. Consequently, we are in a good starting position to have an important impact in these two fields (eradication and vaccine development).

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